[Scribus] Debian/Ubuntu packages for + Dapper now

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Wed Jan 17 09:06:17 CET 2007

* Oleksandr Moskalenko <malex at tagancha.org> [2007-01-16 20:57:18 -0700]:


> Ubuntu breezy and dapper packages were not built at this time
> because I could not create pbuilder chroots for these distributions. If I ever
> find out what the problem was I will attempt to build packages for all
> distributions that have at least cmake 2.4.3.

Well, I did get the dapper chroot built with the help of Mez from
#ubuntu-devel. So, lo and behold Ubuntu/Dapper Drake scribus-ng_1.3.3.7-1 is
also ready for your enjoyment. I decided I was not going to try to spend tim
getting Debian/sarge and Ubuntu/breezy packages built. Seeing how Etch is
about to become new stable and that Breezy is going to be completely
unsupported by Ubuntu soon (April 2007). To summarise, the following
distributions are getting the new packages from me from now on Debian Etch and
Sid (and Lenny when it is inaugurated as the new testing), and Ubuntu Edgy and
Dapper (and Feisty when it is released in April or so).



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