[Scribus] Debian/Ubuntu packages for

Oleksandr Moskalenko malex
Wed Jan 17 04:57:18 CET 2007


I have finally completed the changeover to a new build system used by the
Scribus team (Cmake) for building scribus-ng packages (1.3.x.x series).
Packages for Debian unstable and testing and Ubuntu Edgy Eft are in our
repositories. Enjoy the newest version of Scribus.

Packaging for Debian/stable (sarge) is no more because the cmake version there
is too old. Ubuntu breezy and dapper packages were not built at this time
because I could not create pbuilder chroots for these distributions. If I ever
find out what the problem was I will attempt to build packages for all
distributions that have at least cmake 2.4.3. Users running dapper or breezy
are encouraged to try building packages for their distributions from the
source packages I put into the repository and submitting the resulting .deb
files, which I will be happy to put into our repositories for other people to
use. Also, please build binary packages for other architectures if you can and
contributed those.



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