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jon info
Mon Jan 15 01:14:37 CET 2007

> Am 14.01.07, 11:11 +0100 schrieb Tino Schwarze:
>> On Sun, Jan 14, 2007 at 03:27:02AM +0100, jon wrote:
>>> If you want to have better results you should convert any rgb to say
>>> Adobe RGB (6500?K - but rel. large scale color space) or much better
>>> ECI rgb (5000?K, large scale). This is for Europe only, though.
> ECI profiles are as much and as less for europe only as Adobe profiles 
> are
> for north america only. What would say south america or australia ;-)

Kai. Or Asia? Think it's all about standardisation? But isn't there
a standard like all the US uses 6500? K (and SWOP) for reflectives and 
Europe uses 5000? K
(and Euroscale) as a standard? Correct me.

>> Thanks, I'll give it a try.
> Tino,
> you dont need to convert to an intermediate colourspace for separating 
> to
> Cmyk. Just convert from the image colour space to the destination 
> colour
> space and you should be fine.

Kai, we had a lot of false shifting issues with directly converting 
from sRGB (or AdobeRGB)
to  cmyk (not really depending on intents) and we were always in the 
to color correct transformed images after doing so. Intermediate 
conversion really solved
some when not most of our problems - mostly. :-)

But I am curious, do you have any advice belonging to this? That's not 
meant to be ironic in any way,
but if you could be of any help, it's much appreciated.

> Even though for editing, the above profiles are good choices, including
> LStar-RGB.
>>> But with photographic images I commonly get the best results when 
>>> using
>>> perceptual as rendering intend instead of relative shift (rel.
>>> colormetric).
>> The images are not photographic and some time ago, when I looked into 
>> CM
>> the first time, I decided that rel. colorimetric was the way to go.
> The photometric intent is implementation dependent and thus not a
> relyable choice for corporate colours (logos).

Kai, think your are right with logos, but aren't any of the rendering 
intents implementation
dependend? All my CM-Modules seem to operate slightly different from 
each other.
Being a bit puzzled.
Thanks, Jon

> Colour shifts are possible.
> Hence the often recommendation to relative colorimetric.
> For photos the photographic intent gives often better results.
> Viel Spa?.
> Gr??e,
> Kai-Uwe Behrmann
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