[Scribus] How do I print Volume and Issue number on each page from single entry?

Riku Leino tsoots
Tue Jan 9 09:33:15 CET 2007

Ralph A. Volpi wrote:
> I am doing a newsletter (12 pages) which requires that the Volume Number
> and Issue number be on each page (part of the judging for "Best
> Newsletter for the Republican Women Federated). Anyway, I am using
> Publisher now but I would like to use Scribus in the future. In
> Publisher you can put a text box on the first page (or any page), put
> content into it like a volume number, copy the box and past it on
> another page and it will link to the original box, so that if you change
> the Volume number on the first page it will change the volume number on
> all the other pages you copied the box to. Can Scribus do this without
> programing in Python?

Yes. You should use master pages. This article may be helpful 

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