[Scribus] How do I print Volume and Issue number on each page from single entry?

Ralph A. Volpi rvolpi
Tue Jan 9 09:25:45 CET 2007

I am doing a newsletter (12 pages) which requires that the Volume Number
and Issue number be on each page (part of the judging for "Best
Newsletter for the Republican Women Federated). Anyway, I am using
Publisher now but I would like to use Scribus in the future. In
Publisher you can put a text box on the first page (or any page), put
content into it like a volume number, copy the box and past it on
another page and it will link to the original box, so that if you change
the Volume number on the first page it will change the volume number on
all the other pages you copied the box to. Can Scribus do this without
programing in Python?

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