[Scribus] 3 fold printing

Philipp Klaus Krause pkk
Sun Jan 7 13:04:52 CET 2007

jwminer at accessvt.com wrote:
> Allan wrote:
>>>> I had the same problem, so I created the Flyer on the Paper-Format
>>>> on wich
>>>> it is printed (A4) and created 3 Text-Frames on the page with no
>>>> flow
>>>> text, to control the lower parts of every collum.
>> I think it is always better to beginn with the print-size of the
>> paper..
>> This is what I resorted to...it is weird though to have that option
>> on the
>> page set ups and not have it available for printing.
>> BTW>>>Windows XP Pro user here...
> Well, it's not really weird within the context of what Scribus can
> do. If you set your page size to whatever a panel is and then want
> the panels printed on a different-sized paper in a certain order,
> you're actually *imposing* the pages. Scribus does not now have the
> capability of imposing pages. Alternative methods of doing this have
> been discussed on this list many times and are in the wiki also.

I do think it is weird:
There's anumber of problems with the current situation:
- n-fold, etc options in the new document dialog are currently totally
useless when designing something that will be printed.
- To create the pdf pages Scribus just takes all the elements which
intersect a page and places them on it. It could just do same with a
bigger paper size than the displayed pages.
- If you want a document both be printed and as a pdf for the Web
(common with manuals, etc) you have to create the document twice: One
divided into the logical pages for the web, once divided into the paper
sheets for the printer.

I think support for placing all pages of a side of an n-fold onto a pdf
page is as important for printing as is bleed.


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