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jwminer at accessvt.com jwminer
Thu Jan 4 22:37:50 CET 2007

Allan wrote:
>>>I had the same problem, so I created the Flyer on the Paper-Format
>>> on wich
>>>it is printed (A4) and created 3 Text-Frames on the page with no
>>> flow
>>>text, to control the lower parts of every collum.
> I think it is always better to beginn with the print-size of the
> paper..
> This is what I resorted to...it is weird though to have that option
> on the
> page set ups and not have it available for printing.
> BTW>>>Windows XP Pro user here...

Well, it's not really weird within the context of what Scribus can
do. If you set your page size to whatever a panel is and then want
the panels printed on a different-sized paper in a certain order,
you're actually *imposing* the pages. Scribus does not now have the
capability of imposing pages. Alternative methods of doing this have
been discussed on this list many times and are in the wiki also.

I always design three-panel leaflets so they all fit on whatever
size paper they'll be printed on--in the US, generally letter size
(8-1/2 inches by 11 inches landscape). I make a mockup of the
leaflet as I want it to be when printed in order to be sure of what
panel goes where on the single sheet of paper. There are different
ways of folding and the placement of some panels depends on how
you're going to fold the leaflet.

By the way, I use both Linux and Windows. I think Linux is a lot
more fun, but I don't really have a bias either way.
--Judy Miner

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