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Fri Jan 5 00:16:06 CET 2007

Roger wrote:
> Windows refuses to print with my S520 because the color cartriges
> are empty and have been so for 2
> years.
> Windows used all my color while printing greyscale images ????????

Generally, inkjet printers print grayscale by using equal amounts of
cyan, magenta, and yellow ink. Black is usually not used at all.
Some printer drivers give you the option of printing images in black
and they won't use the three colors for that. Grays produced by
equal amounts of three inks are generally richer and more pleasing
than grays produced by black ink alone, but it may depend on the
printer and the paper. Experiment!

> frankly I wouldn't trust the
> windows warning signals or the cannon driver.

For most printers, indications of how much ink remains are a
software estimate, not an actual measurement. They can be way off.
Cartridges need to be replaced when they no longer give good results
or a color is obviously missing no matter what the onscreen
indicators say.

> Linux prints greyscale no problem and If I had color would print
> that but not soak the page as
> windows does.

A lot depends on what paper you're using. If you're soaking the page
in Windows, you need to select a different paper type or adjust how
much ink is laid down in whatever way the printer driver allows.

Some Linux drivers are very good, some are horrible.
--Judy Miner

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