[Scribus] Printing

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Jan 5 03:58:06 CET 2007

Roger wrote:
> I have the same problem.  I have a Canon IP6000D, and I cannot use the
> printer with my Linux boxes.  I thank god everyday for Windows though...  ;)
> nick
> It's a Cannon problem, until recently they failed to recognise the need for open source printer
> drivers, Epson recognised the issue early on.
> The more people who pester Cannon the more chance of getting drivers that work on any operating system.
> Windows refuses to print with my S520 because the color cartriges are empty and have been so for 2
> years.
> Windows used all my color while printing greyscale images ???????? frankly I wouldn't trust the
> windows warning signals or the cannon driver.
> Linux prints greyscale no problem and If I had color would print that but not soak the page as
> windows does.
Considering that the major expense of a printer is the cartridges, it's 
probably a good idea to consider giving or selling a pathetic printer to 
someone you don't like.


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