[Scribus] Printing

Roger hovergo
Thu Jan 4 23:23:49 CET 2007

I have the same problem.  I have a Canon IP6000D, and I cannot use the
printer with my Linux boxes.  I thank god everyday for Windows though...  ;)

It's a Cannon problem, until recently they failed to recognise the need for open source printer
drivers, Epson recognised the issue early on.
The more people who pester Cannon the more chance of getting drivers that work on any operating system.

Windows refuses to print with my S520 because the color cartriges are empty and have been so for 2
Windows used all my color while printing greyscale images ???????? frankly I wouldn't trust the
windows warning signals or the cannon driver.
Linux prints greyscale no problem and If I had color would print that but not soak the page as
windows does.

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