[Scribus] Using PDF Forms

Plinnell mrdocs
Mon Feb 19 10:47:22 CET 2007

On Monday 19 February 2007, Roger wrote:
> Questions if I may please.
> I am reading the docos on creating PDF forms.
> I think it may work as a way of obtaining information for a
> calendar of events for  a year or two at a time.
> I am and puzzled as to how the system works to provide information
> exchange. ---===---
> When a recipient of a form wants to complete entries into fields,
> where does that info get saved.
> Within the pdf or elsewhere ?
> ---===---

It is saved in memory within Acro Reader. IIRC Acro 7 saves to a temp 
file on disk. 

> When they return a completed pdf form to me do I get the data
> within the fields or elsewhere.

You get the data from the fields. 
> ---===---
> Can anyone on a computer with a pdf reader fill in a pdf form.

Yep, that's the idea: platform neutral - as long as they have Acro 

> ---===---
> Do they have to have the latest pdf reader, the few that will send
> me the info won't bother to update to the latest adobe pdf reader
> just for this when they are happy with the status quo.

Unless you use Acro 7 specific features no. I would recommend a 
minimum of V 5.0 though. 
> ---===---
> How do they save the info, is it just <crtl s>.

They do not 'save' it, they submit via email or php to a webserver.
> ---===---
> Is it sent  back as the original pdf or does it get renamed to show
> it contains info in the fields.

Neither. The form data is sent as plain text eg:

Name: Joe Sample (for example)
> ---===---
> Is there a necessity to learn javascript, or can the form be very
> basic. ---===---

There is no need to learn javascript, but there are tons of examples 
in the PDF reference docs.

> Thanks
> Roger

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