[Scribus] Le Tigre is back

Le Tigre scribus
Mon Feb 19 14:37:31 CET 2007

Hi everyone,

"Le Tigre", french newspaper made with Scribus, is back. It's now a
monthly in paper, and we have a daily web edition called "Le Tigre du
jour" which gives 3 pages of the next monthly (in pre-publication) plus
a page of "Griffes" (short articles).

You can see the first "Tigre du jour" in PDF and flash version at this
adress: http://www.le-tigre.net/-Le-pdf-du-jour-.html

And directly:

As usual, thank you everybody, developpers and helpers on this list for
the many help. We're big fans of Scribus, and we're looking forward to
the 1.3.4 and the changes for text styles and import...


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