[Scribus] Using PDF Forms

Roger hovergo
Mon Feb 19 10:07:32 CET 2007

Questions if I may please.

I am reading the docos on creating PDF forms.
I think it may work as a way of obtaining information for a calendar of events
for  a year or two at a time.
I am and puzzled as to how the system works to provide information exchange.
When a recipient of a form wants to complete entries into fields, where does
that info get saved.
Within the pdf or elsewhere ?
When they return a completed pdf form to me do I get the data within the fields
or elsewhere.
Can anyone on a computer with a pdf reader fill in a pdf form.
Do they have to have the latest pdf reader, the few that will send me the info
won't bother to update to the latest adobe pdf reader just for this when they
are happy with the status quo.
How do they save the info, is it just <crtl s>.
Is it sent  back as the original pdf or does it get renamed to show it contains
info in the fields.
Is there a necessity to learn javascript, or can the form be very basic.


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