[Scribus] Editing sla file difficult with text editor

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Fri Feb 16 15:25:04 CET 2007

Julian Robbins wrote:
> Hi
> Odd one.
> I tried for the first time to manually edit my .sla file to repoint the 
> image locations, as per Gregs notes a couple of days back. (Thanks Greg).
> But oddly, in Gedit in Ubuntu 6.10 and Mousepad in a 500k .sla file, it 
> gets really slowed down on certain areas of text. Also, very oddly, both 
> Gedit and Mousepad show overlapping lines of text in a few places in the 
> editor. Its on these overlapping lines that the text editor 
> understandable gets a bit slow.
> Any ideas why? And can anyone suggest a GUI Text editor that doesn't 
> exhibit this behaviour?
I wonder if this could have something to do with the few special 
characters that Scribus uses.
Anyway, in my experience, one of the strengths of emacs is that it can 
handle virtually anything, even binary files.

BTW, Search > Replace in Emacs is done by pressing 'Meta+%' 
(Alt+Shift+5), after which you are prompted for what you want to 
replace, then what to replace with.


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