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Kai-Uwe Behrmann ku.b
Thu Feb 15 15:42:09 CET 2007

Am 15.02.07, 09:09 +0100 schrieb Aurelien Roux:

> 1. What are the advantages, specifities, etc. of each profile (in fact I
> use sRGB, ECI, and LStar profiles) ?

sRGB is a monitor alike colourspace and the default for web and Microsoft 
(before Vista) graphics.

ECI RGB is intendet to cover most of todays colour devices and not more.
Obsoleted by LStar-RGB.

LStar-RGB is a colour space merging the advantage of CIE*Lab's L channel 
and a conventional RGB workspace (ECI RGB). 
CIE*Lab is considered the standard perceptual uniform colours space.

Use sRGB as described above and in unmanaged workflows. 
For basic home and office use as well sRGB.
For other new created documents I would recommend LStar in
photographers, prepress and graphic designer workflows.

Dont convert numbers of old content to avoid quality loss.

> 2. How can I be sure of what I'm supposed to get on the paper ? (I've to
> add that my graphisms are done with Gimp, so in RGB, and then it's
> scribus which turns them to CMYK) I thought that, as I used an
> ICC-profile and my screen was well-configured, I was supposed to get the
> same as I saw on the screen, but in fact, as I gave the files to a
> printer agency to print some tests, I didin't get the same, and more, I
> didn't get the same for the same profile one day to the other. I tried
> to explain the printer agency that it was their fault, but they don't
> want to hear it, so I want to be sure.

Did you sign a contract proof. Then you can claim to recieve results in 
certain limits related to this proof document.
Otherwise you have not much in your hands except the print house garanties 
some kind of quality standard.

> 3. How can I be sure my screen is well-configured ?

Look for instance here
and possibly there

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development for color management 
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