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Aurelien Roux Aurelien.Roux
Thu Feb 15 14:53:02 CET 2007

First of all, thanks for your answer on- or offlists.
As some of you asked me, I precise that I work under Debian AMD 64
I work with the packaged version for Ubuntu of scribus-ng (64bits arch),
and ICC-Profiles coming from Debian AMD64 repository (I should verify
that, I'm not so sure).

Le Thu, Feb 15, 2007 at 03:42:09PM +0100, Kai-Uwe Behrmann a ?crit :
> Am 15.02.07, 09:09 +0100 schrieb Aurelien Roux:
> > 1. What are the advantages, specifities, etc. of each profile (in fact I
> > use sRGB, ECI, and LStar profiles) ?
> sRGB is a monitor alike colourspace and the default for web and Microsoft 
> (before Vista) graphics.
> ECI RGB is intendet to cover most of todays colour devices and not more.
> Obsoleted by LStar-RGB.
> LStar-RGB is a colour space merging the advantage of CIE*Lab's L channel 
> and a conventional RGB workspace (ECI RGB). 
> CIE*Lab is considered the standard perceptual uniform colours space.

Well I found that on the web. That's why I did use LStar-RGB.

> Use sRGB as described above and in unmanaged workflows. 

Do you mean when the printer service don't know much/anything about
colour management ?

> For other new created documents I would recommend LStar in
> photographers, prepress and graphic designer workflows.

That's what I'm about to do.

> > 2. How can I be sure of what I'm supposed to get on the paper ? (I've to
> > add that my graphisms are done with Gimp, so in RGB, and then it's
> > scribus which turns them to CMYK) I thought that, as I used an
> > ICC-profile and my screen was well-configured, I was supposed to get the
> > same as I saw on the screen, but in fact, as I gave the files to a
> > printer agency to print some tests, I didin't get the same, and more, I
> > didn't get the same for the same profile one day to the other. I tried
> > to explain the printer agency that it was their fault, but they don't
> > want to hear it, so I want to be sure.
> Did you sign a contract proof. Then you can claim to recieve results in 
> certain limits related to this proof document.

In fact, I don't have send the proof yet, cause it's thet contract proof
I'm trying to get.
In fact, I don't want to work with the printer agency which I named in
my first mail, cause they're quite bad, etc., but as they're just next
to my house, I just want them to print the proof. And they can't do
twice the same.

> Otherwise you have not much in your hands except the print house garanties 
> some kind of quality standard.
> > 3. How can I be sure my screen is well-configured ?
> Look for instance here
> http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Linux_color_management#Monitor_calibration_and_profiling
> and possibly there
> http://linux.vilars.com/dotclear/index.php?2006/10/21/4-are-loaded-profile-under-linux-as-accurate-as-in-windows

OK, thanks.

> regards
> Kai-Uwe Behrmann

Hoho ! In fact, I read the pieces above on your website, I guess ! ;)

PS : As you're german, I've to say this press I'm going to do is for a
concert in Wurzburg (Bayern) in April ! :)

Aur?lien Roux 

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