[Scribus] ICC-Profiles

Aurelien Roux Aurelien.Roux
Thu Feb 15 09:09:37 CET 2007

Hi !

I've read some tutorials about ICC-Profiles, and I use them (especially
LStar) since a little time, but anyway it keeps quite blury for me, and
as I've a dilemma with a printer service (who is very bad, indeed), I'd
like to understand it a little more to be sure of what I'm doing before
sending the pdf to the printer agency.

So here are some questions :

1. What are the advantages, specifities, etc. of each profile (in fact I
use sRGB, ECI, and LStar profiles) ?

2. How can I be sure of what I'm supposed to get on the paper ? (I've to
add that my graphisms are done with Gimp, so in RGB, and then it's
scribus which turns them to CMYK) I thought that, as I used an
ICC-profile and my screen was well-configured, I was supposed to get the
same as I saw on the screen, but in fact, as I gave the files to a
printer agency to print some tests, I didin't get the same, and more, I
didn't get the same for the same profile one day to the other. I tried
to explain the printer agency that it was their fault, but they don't
want to hear it, so I want to be sure.

3. How can I be sure my screen is well-configured ?


Aur?lien Roux 

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