[Scribus] Page Master as overlay

jplunket at penolahs.sa.edu.au jplunket
Thu Feb 15 04:20:21 CET 2007

>> Is there a way to make the page master sit above all other layers? Or is
>> there a way to manipulate it so it can be moved as a layer?
> It looks like this cannot be done in this way, but I think the answer to
> this is to not use a master page for page numbering:
> Place a text frame on top of your image in the appropriate position.
> Use Story Editor to enter the Page Number character (Insert > Character
>  > Page Number, or Ctrl+Alt+Shift+P).
> Copy this frame (Edit > Copy, or Right-click > Copy, or Ctrl+C).
> Now go to each page you want to add the page number and Edit > Paste, or
> Ctrl+V.
> The frame will be in the same position on each page you paste to, and
> the number will vary appropriately. Modify the procedure appropriately
> for Even and Odd page positions, if necessary.
> Likely you will want to do this as one of the last steps of making your
> Document.
Thanks Greg,

Not the answer I was hoping for but I will live with it. I think what I
will actually do is use my two templates, copy them and paste them over
the top of every page.

A little more time consuming that I was hoping for, but a solution none
the less. I will need to wait until after each page is complete to
complete this task. :-( At the end will be messy as I will then need to
add page titles to every page as they sit on top of the template.

Thanks for your help,


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