[Scribus] Copying a complete Scribus file (.sla) on an external media

Gregory Pittman gpittman
Tue Feb 13 22:55:37 CET 2007

Alberto Zeni wrote:
> Hello,
> I'll be grateful to you if you explain me the correct way to copy a  
> complete Scribus document on an external media (e.g. an USB Key or a  
> CD-R).
> In fact I haven't still well understood how "Collect for Output" and  
> "Save" work.
File > Save will just save the bare .sla file, with the text content, 
any graphics that Scribus makes (eg polygons, lines), names of colors, 
names of fonts, filenames of images but not the images themselves. 
Someone else may know if SVGs or EPS files are included.

File > Collect for Output will save the .sla and its associated image 
files, and can include fonts also (not just the names). So if you're 
going from one PC to another, it's headache prevention at its best. I 
think the default is also to compress the output, which is good if there 
are many images.


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