[Scribus] color management

jon info
Sat Feb 10 23:29:08 CET 2007

>>> I'm having trouble understanding and configuring color management.
>>> Here's what I've got at the moment.
>>>    1. Ubuntu Dapper
>>>    2. Scribus
>>>    3. LG Flatron L1720P
>>>    4. Lexmark C534dn ( nice color laser )
>>> Here's what I want to do.
>>>    1. Create a icc profile for my monitor
>>>          1. I ran lprof and created a profile
>>>          2. I have know idea if it is working
>>>    2. Create an icc profile for my printer
>>>          1. I downloaded the Adobe icc files but they don't have my
>>> printer
>> I don't think think there are icc profiles available for this printer.
>> But you might give lexmark.com a try.
>> You might also search your installation CD(s) for appropriate files.
>> But, anyway, it's unlikely that you will be truly satisfied with a
>> standardized (in this case eventually cheaply
>> produced) profile (of cause this is [[ very ]] depending on your 
>> needs).
>> you may also try: http://www.color.org/findprofile.html
>> or go here: http://lists.freedesktop.org/mailman/listinfo/
>> there is a openicc list.
>> scribus (I don't remember how well .3.3.2 does here) uses inline color
>> management and simulation wich you can
>> switch on and off. You can add profiles in setup or document setup. I
>> don't know if there is a system wide CM-Module
>> for Linux (Ubuntu) and I don't know how or if scribus is affected by
>> this.
> What good does it do to have color correction in Scribus if you can't
> configure it for your hardware?

Seems my suggestions lead to some misunderstanding. Scribus is, with 
certain minor (or major) issues,
able to be configured for color corrected pdf and print output.

I don't know how much of the procedure is covered by the wiki, but if 
you search for "color" you will find at least some
information about color managment within scribus.
What I wanted to point out in my previous post, is that I simply don't 
know anything about CM (systemwide or not) under Linux.

Think Hal's suggestions about how to configure printer drivers and the 
printing system or obtain .icc profiles can help you
to reach your aim.

And hmm, I  don't know if you refer to this, but for missing color 
profiles you should talk to the manufacturers of your printer, or use 
some of
the links I mentioned before. For installation Hal might be able to 
help you out.

> I would like to print out fliers and other color documents for my
> business. Can I do this without color correction?

Sure, you can. But in this case you won't be able to preview colors 
onscreen and you will have to correct colors manually. Say you have a 
color (cmyk) 0-50-100-0 [orange] and your printer will print (cmyk) 
0-40-100-0 you can set this color to, say, 0-63-100-0 and will get 
0-50-100-0 printed.
For images you can create gamma curves matching the printers (typical) 
output. Ah, yes this is, in no way, fun.

> I should point out
> that the Scribus documentation strongly recommends using color 
> correction.

Try to print out something (with CM off) with complex color areas, some 
spot colors grays etc. and compare to what you see on screen.
You will see if it matches enough to suit your needs.
cheers Jon

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