[Scribus] color managment broken in FC_aqua?

Axel Bojer axelb
Tue Feb 6 15:40:25 CET 2007

tirsdag 06 februar 2007, 13:39, skrev jon:
> Now I ran into unsolvable problems.
> I remember to use scribus and CM some times for testing purposes and
> found it, I think, not really intuitive but ... sufficient.
> Cannot remember wich version this belongs to. Now scribus CM seems to
> be broken (?)

At least nok working in your combination. I have never used it, so I am sorry 
to say I can be of no help as I do not know this is *supposed* to work (apart 
from what you explained earlier :-)

> All I can get out of Axels tif file with scribus->pdf (CM'd) is not
> usable.

I will leave the files I have linked to for some more time just in case this 
problem will have to be further explored.

> What's wrong with my settings, or with this build (?) Is there
> something wrong?

I think so, because it (finally!) worked for me.

> I don't think it makes much sense to retry this with or

Probably not. What about 1.3.4 cvs, anyone?

Best regards
Axel Bojer

> Does ghostscript do anything here?

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