[Scribus] color managment broken in FC_aqua?

jon info
Tue Feb 6 13:39:58 CET 2007

Now I ran into unsolvable problems.
I remember to use scribus and CM some times for testing purposes and 
found it, I think, not really intuitive but ... sufficient.

Cannot remember wich version this belongs to. Now scribus CM seems to 
be broken (?)

All I can get out of Axels tif file with scribus->pdf (CM'd) is not 

Cyan and Magenta comes out fine (?) but all yellow is missing - black 
is also missing (there should at least be some skeleton black in it)

I opened the resulting pdf in PS (cmyk)  Y and K are thoroughly empty.


Setting is:
Image : (is RGB) [property dialogue] [image / input profile] set to 
[sRGB / rel colorimetric]  [ I tried relative and perceptual intents 
and different input profiles - all leads to only slightly() different 
results ]

CM : set to sRGB / ISOcoated according all CMYK and RGB settings, 
intents set either to relative / perceptual or perceptual / perceptual 
or perceptual / relative [ for simulation ] black point compensation 
active. Gammut warning and on screen simulation deactive.

PDF export: pdf 1.3 compression method [any] no RGB-Profile used for 
including [why does this lead to RGB output? / Why is it not possible 
to set CMYK profiles instead?] Settings set to [Print]

I never used these settings but following my intuition these setting 
should be used as "convert everything to: xxx"
what the reason is why I did not used them.

I checked the resulting pdfs with acrobat - and yes it's not an issue 
with AcrobatReader.

What's wrong with my settings, or with this build (?) Is there 
something wrong?

I don't think it makes much sense to retry this with or

Does ghostscript do anything here?

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