[Scribus] cmyk workflow -- solved, for now

Axel Bojer axelb
Tue Feb 6 15:35:41 CET 2007

tirsdag 06 februar 2007, 00:46, skrev Axel Bojer:
> avox skrev:
> > Axel Bojer wrote:
> >> Hey, you give me hope :-)
> >> That means, as I suggested at first, my image
> >> http://www.bojer.no/Ariadne2006/ariadnes_aarbok2006-omslag-somBildeGB.ti
> >>ff
> >>
> >> is indeed as good as can be, it just has to be converted to cmyk,
> >> correct?
> >
> > I think so.
> >
> >> If yes, why isn't this file correct cmyk:
> >> http://www.bojer.no/Ariadne2006/ariadnes_aarbok2006-omslag-TilTrykking-B
> >>areEttBilde.pdf As mentioned: it was made the following way:
> >> 1) Make what I want to have in Scribus
> >> 2) Export as png
> >> 3) Convert png to tiff with Gimp
> >> 4) Import the new tiff-image as the *only* element in a new Scribus file
> >> 5) Export this with the "to printer" option to make a cmyk pdf file.

... but it was, when I remembered to use a icc-profile at least. So problem 
solved, just remember:
By 5: Use icc-profiles for all kinds of images (the Scribus standard worked 
just fine for me).
The pdf was preprinted today, and looked as it should :-D
It was then sent for final printing :-D 
(And will be delivered within a week or so :-)

> > Here the exact color settings for PDF export would be interesting, since
> > that changes output dramatically:
> > * Use ICC profiles yes/no
> No
> > * Use ICC profiles for images yes/no
> No (When I turn ICC profiles on I in "Document settings--colour
> management" I see this option in "Save as PDF--Colour". I suppose the
> best is to turn it on (I see just one profile installed, I suppose this
> is the standard Scribus profile? It is named "sRGB IEC61966-2.1"
> >> Or can someone confirm that the pdf-file linked above will, printed,
> >> look about the same as the linked tiff file above? If yes I can sleep
> >> sound tonight :-D
> >
> > I'm afraid not. It might well be that the colors you chose are outside
> > the CMYK gamut,
> > especially greens are tricky for CMYK.

... but luckily it worked anyway :-)

> But I can't say I spot any difference in acrobat reader between what I
> had without icc-profiles and what I get with ...

As said above, the pdf made with the use of the icc-profile printed just 
fine :-D
With my workaround of saving as png etc (se above) I managed to workaround the 
transparency problem. 
The printer told me transparencys are best avoided anyway, and it seems 
Scribus has serious problems with it too, so this is probably the right thing 
to do, at least for now.

Many thanks for all suggestions and help!

Best regards
Axel Bojer

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