[Scribus] cmyk workflow

jon info
Mon Feb 5 22:13:54 CET 2007

Forget about my last post - please. I was a little confused by ... 
Your tiff and png seem to be allright. Sorry.

I converted one of your pdf (the one for screen) wich has 300 dpi images
(one was not - but I think this might be ignorable) to no 
transparencies and
to cmyk (ISO coated FOGRA 27).
One font was not included in the pdf.
And there is at least one kerning() problem with the ISSN number.

One of the pictures seem to be compressed with LZW - this is, afaik, 
not allowed within PDF 1.3/1.4.

Please check the pdf, if you like, if it compares to your needs.

http://www.jonhagen.de/trans/test.pdf   [ 9 mb ]

Allow a few minutes to upload.
Please don't use this as a print pdf - I didn't crosschecked the file 
after converting and one font is missing.
It's just for, hmmpf, fun. You might be able to verify how it might 
look if converted a little more reliable.

Am 05.02.2007 um 21:36 schrieb jon:

> Am 05.02.2007 um 21:07 schrieb Axel Bojer:
>> How? The image is totally flattende and looks quite as it should be,
>> quite the way I made it in Scribus. All my problems would be solved if
>> this file could be made cmyk and still be printed the way this file
>> looks on the screen. No transparency in this file at all, no layers no
>> nothing, just plain png -- made tiff by Gimp. I will try Imagemagick,
>> perhaps that will be a help.
> I don't think so. I am not fully aware of the options within .png
> format, but
> as scribus is not capable to reduce transparencies the .png will, if it
> still
> looks right, contain the transparent layers and vectors. So if you
> render
> the file to plain tiff, as long as gimp is not capable of transforming
> them,
> which it is not (as others here stated), they will be excluded - and
> rendered
> to unwanted results.
> According to a former discussion here, I don't think there are useful
> image
> converters for linux wich can do what you want. At least no free
> versions.
> Sorry. I think you have to redo your work or send some rgb pdf to me.
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