[Scribus] cmyk workflow

Axel Bojer axelb
Mon Feb 5 22:38:32 CET 2007

jon skrev:
> Forget about my last post - please. I was a little confused by ... 
> something
> Your tiff and png seem to be allright. Sorry.
> I converted one of your pdf (the one for screen) wich has 300 dpi images
> (one was not - but I think this might be ignorable) to no 
> transparencies and
> to cmyk (ISO coated FOGRA 27).
> One font was not included in the pdf.
> And there is at least one kerning() problem with the ISSN number.
> One of the pictures seem to be compressed with LZW - this is, afaik, 
> not allowed within PDF 1.3/1.4.
> Please check the pdf, if you like, if it compares to your needs.
> http://www.jonhagen.de/trans/test.pdf   [ 9 mb ]

Yes, it has a flaw on the issn-line, and it seems the fonts are not ok, 
strange though as I asked all the font to be included and have used them 
in print before ...

> Allow a few minutes to upload.
> Please don't use this as a print pdf - I didn't crosschecked the file 
> after converting and one font is missing.
> It's just for, hmmpf, fun. You might be able to verify how it might 
> look if converted a little more reliable.
> Jon

well, actually my pdf looks better on my machine :-P -- in my acrobat 
reader on Kubutu, that is. What does my
look like on your machine? Greyish?? Font problems?
If it is not to difficult: Could you open it in Acrobat reader and make 
a small screenshot (or describe what you see)? Would be of help to 
understand a bit more of this mystery :P

> Am 05.02.2007 um 21:36 schrieb jon:
>> Am 05.02.2007 um 21:07 schrieb Axel Bojer:
>>> How? The image is totally flattende and looks quite as it should be,
>>> quite the way I made it in Scribus. All my problems would be solved if
>>> this file could be made cmyk and still be printed the way this file
>>> looks on the screen. No transparency in this file at all, no layers no
>>> nothing, just plain png -- made tiff by Gimp. I will try Imagemagick,
>>> perhaps that will be a help.

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