[Scribus] Ink blots on PDF

jon info
Mon Feb 5 17:10:36 CET 2007

Hi Archimedes,

I can find no issues with this pdf - without one: you are using 
rgb-black instead of cmyk-black.
If seperated or printed this might, not always will, lead to problems 
in seperating. This depends on
the workflow of your print service.

Your fonts are embedded by 100% and render smoothly, without any 
I view this on OS X with pdf-to-screen rendering. Creating a .png 
directly out of acrobat leads to
nearly the same issues your .png shows - though the resolution is much 

Appending .png is from a screenshot. Seems your pdf viewer cannot 
render this kind of pdf correctly.

You should give acroread, or some other pdf reader, a try.

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> On Monday 05 February 2007 23:02:14 jon wrote:
>>> It almost looks as if the fonts' strokes were turned on instead of
>>> being turned off as normal.
>> Without the mentioned pdf at hand it's hard to tell. You might send 
>> the
>> pdf to me personally - if you like,
>> I can open and check it with acrobat.
>> It looks like there are no fontpaths but instead only ps1 bitmaps are
>> embedded or more likely the fonts were
>> not embedded and the pdf uses (defect) system fonts while displaying.
>> What is scribus saying about the embed/no embed/subset flags of the
>> mentioned fonts?
>> Jon
> Mr. Maddock, I have no clue to what that means.
> Jon, there were no messages/errors to say otherwise, and all seemed OK 
> with
> the Print to PDF. I really cannot understand it when it prints out OK 
> on
> At least if they are both bad then I know it had to be 
> something
> else. Then again, is on a harddisk install and is on a
> remastered LiveCD. I've posted on my distro forum and there was no
> satisfactory reply. So I figured I'd ran here before we start with the
> production of the next issue.
> Jon, I will print out a small portion of the issue and send it to you 
> by email
> ASAP. Thanks for all your concern, and I'm still waiting for any other
> assistance.
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