[Scribus] Ink blots on PDF

Tom Gleason theorysavage
Mon Feb 5 17:39:48 CET 2007

This problem is due to bad font smoothing in your PDF reader, probably. KPDF doesn't seem to do font or line art smoothing very well. Other PDF readers were similar.

However, If you open the file in acroread, it will probably work much better. If you turn off text and line art smoothing in your acrobat reader, you can recreate the problem. Or, if you were already using acroread, try turning the smoothing on, from the preferences menus.

This problem does not affect the print output, I assume.  Printouts will not be screwed up like that.  It only affects the screen display. Open source pdf readers seem to have problems in this area.

You can find alternative fonts that DO work much better without smoothing. 
I am not sure of the rule, for why certain fonts get distorted and others don't. It may have to do with their shapes relative to the pixels onscreen, and/or the inclusion of screen fonts in the font file. I'm not an expert in that area.

 Sometimes it's better to suggest a superior reader, such as Acrobat, even though it isn't open source. It's still free, and its in the PCLOS repository.


jon <info at jonhagen.de> wrote: Hi Archimedes,

I can find no issues with this pdf - without one: you are using 
rgb-black instead of cmyk-black.
If seperated or printed this might, not always will, lead to problems 
in seperating. This depends on
the workflow of your print service.

Your fonts are embedded by 100% and render smoothly, without any 
I view this on OS X with pdf-to-screen rendering. Creating a .png 
directly out of acrobat leads to
nearly the same issues your .png shows - though the resolution is much 

Appending .png is from a screenshot. Seems your pdf viewer cannot 
render this kind of pdf correctly.

You should give acroread, or some other pdf reader, a try.


> On Monday 05 February 2007 23:02:14 jon wrote:
>>> It almost looks as if the fonts' strokes were turned on instead of
>>> being turned off as normal.
>> Without the mentioned pdf at hand it's hard to tell. You might send 
>> the
>> pdf to me personally - if you like,
>> I can open and check it with acrobat.
>> It looks like there are no fontpaths but instead only ps1 bitmaps are
>> embedded or more likely the fonts were
>> not embedded and the pdf uses (defect) system fonts while displaying.
>> What is scribus saying about the embed/no embed/subset flags of the
>> mentioned fonts?
>> Jon
> Mr. Maddock, I have no clue to what that means.
> Jon, there were no messages/errors to say otherwise, and all seemed OK 
> with
> the Print to PDF. I really cannot understand it when it prints out OK 
> on
> At least if they are both bad then I know it had to be 
> something
> else. Then again, is on a harddisk install and is on a
> remastered LiveCD. I've posted on my distro forum and there was no
> satisfactory reply. So I figured I'd ran here before we start with the
> production of the next issue.
> Jon, I will print out a small portion of the issue and send it to you 
> by email
> ASAP. Thanks for all your concern, and I'm still waiting for any other
> assistance.
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