[Scribus] Debugging problems with start on OSX

avox avox
Fri Feb 2 02:30:29 CET 2007

Michael Crisci wrote:
> Andreas,
>       First, I disabled all those programs you suggested that may be  
> causing problems. I also rebooted in Safe Reboot with those items  
> disabled. It still refused to get past the Font Cache. I then started  
> Activity Monitor. As I was watching the Activity Monitor, it kept re- 
> reading a few, certain fonts. But the fonts would not log a written  
> action on the Activity Monitor screen. They kept being rejected: they  
> would start to appear on the log activity, then disappear. The fonts  
> in question were a few Microsoft .ttf fonts, a Sign Language font,  
> and an ALIAS icon to Myriad Software's Music fonts. So I put those  
> fonts in a Fonts.disabled folder I created, and Scribus booted up! So  
> then I rebooted my system with all those disabled programs re- 
> enabled, and Scribus STILL RAN! So something in the disabled Font  
> folder was causing the problem. I slowly added each font, restarting  
> Scribus after each font was loaded UNTIL I came to the ALIAS icon.  
> Guess what? When I clicked on the Alias Icon, it said it could not  
> find the original. Well, I had DELETED it a long time ago!! I deleted  
> the ALIAS, and Scribus runs, and I'm almost all set!!!!!

Cool. Well done! :-)

>       But when it runs, I get a requester saying it cannot find  
> Ghostscript. Ghostscript is indeed installed. Why can't it find it?

You can download the framework from

It goes into /Library, so after installation you should have a folder

If Scribus still complains, go to Preferences, External Tools and enter the
following path for Ghostscript:

After that all should work. Btw, you can not move Ghostscript to another
place since it then stops working.

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