[Scribus] [related] Collaborative Work with OpenOffice: PengYou

Matt Donnelly donnellymp
Thu Feb 1 18:37:19 CET 2007

My apologies for the previous HTML email. Here is the text version.


Ben Green wrote:
 > On Thu, 01 Feb 2007 21:37:02 -0000, Ben Green 
<ben at bristolwireless.net> wrote:
 >> The english page doesn't seem to work and I don't fully understand 
the French, though it seems there is a client server thing, and that 
clients are integrated into openoffice.org and Microsoft office. Can't 
really work out if this is anything more than a remote file system 
manager. Any clues?
 > Apologies, I have now read all the linked articles. It is an remote 
file manager with versioning integrated in the office suites. Versioning 
of edited file seems to just use the office suites own versioning 
system. I would say this was of limited use for an end-to-end publishing 
solution, but don't really know what to write up on the wiki page, which 
if anyone hasn't looked is really growing rapidly.
Thanks, Ben. Anyone else have an opinion?

The wiki does indeed seem to be growing. Now that we have more ideas on 
there, I propose that, given the use case I posted on the wiki and the 
"learning curve" and "business" realities I included, we start to work 
on some high-level end-to-end publishing concepts that integrate the 
best tools and practices (plus reaching out to/collaborating with other 
open source projects?). This I think will focus the discussion -- 
nothing like trying something to see that it doesn't quite work ;-)

So I think that as we sketch out solutions, and get past the blue-sky 
phase, we'll see where the work needs to focus. Then we can somehow vote 
on the best proposal and develop a project plan of sorts, letting 
different people work on different parts. I know technical ability won't 
be our biggest challenge...

This of course requires the creation of a core team of people who would 
commit to seeing this project come to life. Maybe we compile a list of 
people, their skill sets, interest areas, etc.?? Out of this could 
evolve a core steering group to keep the project on track.

I think we'd need this core group, too, as a sort of "evaluation 
committee" of Scribus developers (Andreas?) and others to sort through 
the different proposals we get.

I see my role as providing refinements to the use case and even playing 
the role of the (non-technical) end user to keep focus on usability. I'm 
not a programmer by any stretch, but I do care about getting this 
solution out there.

I'm a newbie at project management, so other suggestions are of course 
welcome. But we should definitely move forward.

Thanks to everyone for your interest and support so far. Let's keep 
moving forward.


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