[Scribus] Too many versions at once?

Matt Gushee matt
Mon Dec 31 00:33:01 CET 2007

The other day I noticed someone's inquiry about Scribus ... I 
hadn't been aware of it before. So now we have at least *four* 'latest' 
versions of Scribus running around:,, 1.3.4, and 1.3.5.

Is this one reason so much time elapses between releases? To me it seems 
really counter-productive to have so many versions available. It's too 
much work for the developers, and confusing for users. True, it is 
clearly stated at scribus.net that is the latest stable release. 
But it is also clear that it is a bit old (compared to other open source 
projects that are young, actively maintained, and have multiple 
developers). People want something new, and when they join the mailing 
lists they see that there are newer versions available, so they install 
them and run into trouble, thus more work for everyone ...

My suggestion would be:

1) Eliminate 1.3.4. Just pull the download packages, and post a message
    saying that 1.3.4 is no longer developed or supported.
2) Get ready for release, and make it the new stable version as
    soon as possible.
3) Concentrate further efforts on 1.3.5.

Maybe there are issues that I am unaware of, but who has time to work on 
four different versions of Scribus?

Matt Gushee

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