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Jurgen Gaeremyn jurgen.gaeremyn
Mon Dec 31 00:08:43 CET 2007

Hi Roger,

this might sound too stupid to mention... but you can strongly reduce
the data load by taking your files out of the mail (no more attachments)

You could put a link into your mail to some ftp- or http page...
This can be password-protected (put the password in the mail) if you
don't want anyone to bump into it by accident (or by searching)

Mails will be smaller, and less traffic will go along (files strongly
increase in size when attached to a mail - up to 35%, because of control
mechanisms in mails)
Further advantage is that this file won't clog the incoming mail and
your colleagues can download it on their own chosen time (and are not
obliged to download it to be able to read their other mails)

Not really in the topic of Scribus, but I do think it's important enough
to mention here.


Op maandag 31-12-2007 om 09:54 uur [tijdzone +1100], schreef Roger:

> <snip>
> Additionally, Scribus's text features cannot be reproduced in HTML.
> There's no way to control kerning in HTML, and the user-agent expects to
> do its own justification & text flow. Working around these issues would
> probably involve writing downright awful HTML that absolutely positions
> every character individually - and explodes into an unreadable mess when
> viewed with non-default font sizes.
> If you want to publish Scribus-designed content, I'd recommend putting
> up a PDF. If you're just looking for a web page editor I don't think
> Scribus is what you are looking for.
> </snip>
> Craig
> Thank you very much for the explanation, it's greatly appreciated.
> I did not really want to go the html route, but asked just in case there was a way.
> My reason for the request was for our newsletter.
> I have to send it as a couple of dozen (and more at times) separate pdf pages
> because I and many recipients have very slow dial up.
> Sending as one large PDFcan take a long time for the subscriber to obtain.
> Some individual pages can take 5 minutes and more before they display on a
> recipients monitor so the whole newsletter can take 10 minutes or more.
> I have tried zipping the pdf but the file size reduction is not worth the effort.
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