[Scribus] Transparency effects in PDF 1.4

Cedric Sagne cedric.sagne
Tue Dec 4 20:57:54 CET 2007


I found bugs 5585 and 5835 in the bug tracker concerning transparency 
(eg a picture, overlaid with a shape. The shape has a white Alpha100 to 
white Alpha0 gradient. This produces the equivalent of a white gradient 
onto the picture).

The wiki says
"Make sure you are using PDF 1.4 and have the PDF 1.4 transparency 
setting on in your display settings. "
The bugs are fairly old and still open. Not sure who is looking after 
them now.

As export to PNG gets the transparency fine, I will use this workaround, 
but I would like to get some fresh news about this bug (or if it's just 
me doing it wrong)


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