[Scribus] Transparency effects in PDF 1.4

Craig Ringer craig
Wed Dec 5 03:35:23 CET 2007

Cedric Sagne wrote:
> Hi
> I found bugs 5585 and 5835 in the bug tracker concerning transparency 
> (eg a picture, overlaid with a shape. The shape has a white Alpha100 to 
> white Alpha0 gradient. This produces the equivalent of a white gradient 
> onto the picture).

The one regarding printing requires that Scribus have a transparency 
flattening process for non-transparency-capable mixed vector/raster 
media like PostScript and PDF <= 1.3 . Currently it does not. 
Implementing a good flattener is very hard, and while there are 
libraries that have the capability they're all tied up with their own 
drawing systems and output. Cairo, for example.

When using Scribus I tend to print from Acrobat using PDF 1.4 output 
from Scribus. I almost wonder if this should be the default print process.

Craig Ringer

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