[Scribus] The colors from the print are not expected.

Marc Tompkins marc.tompkins
Tue Dec 4 18:47:43 CET 2007

Craig -

You've written one of the best explanations of color management that I've
ever seen.  I was under the impression that I understood it pretty well; you
illuminated a few things I wasn't even aware of.  Thank you!

I have, however, one quibble - and I think it's a major one.  You need to
use buzzwords!  Let me explain...

Reading a sentence that contains both the word "gamut" and the phrase "out
of gamut color" - without hyphenation or any other indication that "out of
gamut" is a coordinated phrase - was confusing for me, and English is my
first language.  The original poster, I gather, is not a native English
speaker...  Also, you use the word "printer" to refer both to the device and
to the guy who runs the press.  For clarity, I'd refer to the guy as a
"print shop," although it risks robbing him of his individuality.

So at the risk of sounding like an officious busybody, may I suggest (and
request) that you re-post with a few edits?  I know that phrases like
"out-of-gamut" and "on-screen" are bad style and ugly too, but I suspect
that your excellent explanation would be made more useful to the original
poster.  As an alternative, you could do something like this: ... OOG (out
of gamut) colors...  and then use OOG thereafter.

Again, thanks for the excellent post!  And sorry for quibbling.
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