[Scribus] Scribus 1.3.4 - Thanks and a pdf export question

Philipp Klaus Krause pkk
Thu Aug 30 17:27:29 CEST 2007

Louis Desjardins schrieb:

> First, 1 mm bleed value is rather small. Not absolutely sure of the used
> value in general in mm but in North America, we use 9 pts or 1/8 inch. I
> think 3 mm is closer to that.

It's the value on the printer's website, I used the same last time
(older Scribus, with slightly larger pages to make the bleed since
Scribus did not support it back then), results were OK.

>     However when I export a pdf I get each A6 page as an individual page in
>     the pdf (which is fine for a pdf intended for download). The printer
>     wants it as 4 logical pages per pdf with the bleed included. How can I
>     export such a pdf?
> In the General tab of the PDF export dialog you have a check box below
> the output filename (top of the dialog) that lets you choose how you
> want the PDF to export : single pages or one document with many pages.

This lets me export my 8 page document as 8 individual pdfs or as a
single one. However I want 4 pages per pdf page: Inside scribus I have
the first 4 pages next to each other and the last 4 next to each other
the "4-fach gefaltet" (I suppose it's called "4-fold", "folded 4 times"
or something in English) document layout setting.
The printer will print my document on one sheet of paper, then fold it.
They want one pdf page per side of the sheet.

> In the Prepress tab you have all the options to output your PDF with the
> needed printer's marks, bleed values, etc. Please note the check box
> that allows to use the document's bleed values.


> Don't forget to embed all your fonts, in the Font tab.

Hmm, I can only convert to outline, it won't let me embed (was always
like that, even in older Scribus versions).


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