[Scribus] HOWTO build Scribus 1.3.5svn on Windows

John Brown johnbrown105
Mon Aug 27 03:57:26 CEST 2007

Craig Bradney wrote:
> > CMake output said "Python Library Found OK", but I do not have Python
> > installed.
>I'll have a look at this... It shouldnt report this if its not there, 
>you installed it as a part of another application?
I suppose that is possible, but I doubt it. I do not know the header and 
library names, but:

$ find /usr/local4 -name "*pyth*" -print

$ find /mingw -name "*pyth*" -print
/* nothing found */

These are the only places other than the Scribus source directory where 
python could possible be found.

> > The problem with
> > Python was that I could not say something like -DHAVE_PYTHON=0, even 
> > Python is supposed to be *optional*, not required.
>Its not optional in 1.3.5+

OK. The README needs to be updated and I need to install Python, including 
headers and libraries.


>We need specific functions in FreeType.

I understand that. I am just saying that the test needs to be improved to 
use freetype-config or pkg-config, instead of a hard-coded library name 
libfreetype.so. The library name must be hard-coded in those tests because 
neither 'freetype-config --libs' nor 'pkg-config  --libs freetype2' returns 
libfreetype.so on my system.

> > >You will need to know CMake and win32 building quite well, or be 
> > >to learn and spend quite a bit of time, to get this to work.
> >
> > I see. So has someone actually built 1.3.5svn for Windows, by whatever
> > means?
>Sure, daily, via MSVC though.

Is this the normal way, i.e., is it that building Scribus on Windows with 
gcc is not supported?

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