[Scribus] HOWTO build Scribus 1.3.5svn on Windows

John Brown johnbrown105
Sun Aug 26 19:32:27 CEST 2007

Craig Ringer wrote:
>John Brown wrote:
> > Hello All,
> >
> > The documentation says that there are no instructions for Windows yet. 
> > this mean that it is impossible?
> >
>It's unlikely to work on msys out of the box unless they've added
>support for GDI+ or Jean has had a chance to test his basic-GDI-only code .

One of the developers did mention the GDI+ issue. I thought that I would try
anyway, because Google turned up cases of people who say that they have
had some success with GDI+ in MinGW. For example:
I have not actually tried to add GDI+ support in MinGW yet.
> > 2) CMake complained that CUPS_INCLUDE_DIR, PYTHON_INCLUDE_PATH and
> > PYTHON_LIBRARY needed to be set. In the documentation, CUPS and Python 
> > listed under *recommended* packages. I tried -DHAVE_CUPS=0, but it still
> > asked for CUPS_INCLUDE_DIR. There was no HAVE_PYTHON variable. In the 
>end, I
> > set all include paths to /usr/local4/include. I should point out that I 
> > gcc 3.x and 4.x on my system. When using 4.x, I install to /usr/local4, 
> > that is where libpng12, libjpeg, etc. compiled with 4.x can be found.
>I'll be surprised if the CMakeFiles don't need some significant changes
>for win32 in terms of search paths etc. FindFreetype.cmake /
>FreetypeConfig.cmake in particular need work since they rely on the
>*nix-only shellscript freetype-config being on the PATH.

MSYS handles the Unix-style paths, plus I have built many/most of the Open 
Source libraries used by Scribus from source, and they are properly 
installed in pkg-config, or have installed <package>-config in my bin 

>I've written a
>cross-platform freetype finder for PoDoFo that should work fine when
>dropped into Scribus (some variable name changes might be needed). See:

It found PoDoFo without any further intervention than specifying 
-DCMAKE_INCLUDE_PATH and -DCMAKE_LIBRARY_PATH. Libtiff, libpeg, liblcms, 
libpng, libz, Qt4, fontconfig were also found.
CMake output said "Python Library Found OK", but I do not have Python 

Actually, it did not have much trouble finding libraries. The problem with 
Python was that I could not say something like -DHAVE_PYTHON=0, even though 
Python is supposed to be *optional*, not required.

And what about CUPS? If CUPS is required, how can Scribus be compiled on 
Windows, except as a Cygwin app?

The problem with Freetype was that after it said that it found Freetype (I 
assume that means it found the headers), it then started looking for 
particular functions in libfreetype.so, instead of libfreetype.a, but I 
fixed that by editing CMakeCache.txt. Freetype-config returns the correct 
library name, so it seems that libfreetype.so was hard-coded.

>You will need to know CMake and win32 building quite well, or be willing
>to learn and spend quite a bit of time, to get this to work.

I see. So has someone actually built 1.3.5svn for Windows, by whatever 

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