[Scribus] Cannot import Adobe Illutrator eps

avox avox
Fri Aug 17 18:53:04 CEST 2007

John Brown wrote:
> Hello All,
> I can open the file in GSView, but with DSC warnings, which I can suppress
> with
> Options -> Ignore DSC.  Also, if run 'gswin32c filename.eps', it opens
> without
> warnings. However, when I try to import it into Scribus, it hangs at:
> Overall Progress: 33%
> Analyzing PostScript: 0%
> CPU utilization goes up to 100%.
> Is it waiting for me to respond to the DSC warning? If that is so, how can
> I
> turn DSC warnings off?

DSC warnings shouldnt matter.

> I also tried the following within GsView:
> PDF (via pdfwrite):
>   Scribus says the PDF is "not in an acceptable format" but it
>   opens in Acrobat 8 Reader.
> EPS (via epswrite):
>    Scribus has the same problem with the new EPS
> Pstoedit at the command line tells me:
> 'Warning: colorimage with more than one datasrc not supported for this
> backend
> due to lack of support for images on raster files', and I end up with
> black-and-white line drawings when I tried converting to PS and SVG.

IIRC I didnt implement those in our psimporter either.

> What *almost* worked was when I used Ghostscript to convert the PDF back
> to
> PostScript. The drawing (a shiny blank CD with a smooth, pastel mostly
> blue and
> green shimmer) could be seen, but it was clipped by a rectangle that was a
> little smaller than the CD, and the border around the CD was missing.

What was your DSC warning exactly? Something about BoundingBox?
If yes, you can correct the BoundingBox manually in the EPS file and try
to convert it to PostScript.

> Besides finding someone with a copy of Adobe Illustrator who may be able
> to save
> it as "Generic" PostScript, what else can I try to import the EPS in a
> vector
> format?
> System: Windows XP SP2, Scribus, Ghostscript 8.57, GsView 4.8.

You could try to import it in Scribus 1.3.4 (no promises, though) and
re-import it
into using the scrapbook (that's a little tricky).

Please file a bug on bugs.scribus.net and attach your AI file. I'll try to
improve our PS importer when I find time.

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