[Scribus] Cannot import Adobe Illutrator eps

John Brown johnbrown105
Fri Aug 17 18:01:40 CEST 2007

Hello All,

I can open the file in GSView, but with DSC warnings, which I can suppress with
Options -> Ignore DSC.  Also, if run 'gswin32c filename.eps', it opens without
warnings. However, when I try to import it into Scribus, it hangs at:

Overall Progress: 33%
Analyzing PostScript: 0%

CPU utilization goes up to 100%.

Is it waiting for me to respond to the DSC warning? If that is so, how can I
turn DSC warnings off?

I also tried the following within GsView:
PDF (via pdfwrite):
  Scribus says the PDF is "not in an acceptable format" but it
  opens in Acrobat 8 Reader.

EPS (via epswrite):
   Scribus has the same problem with the new EPS

Pstoedit at the command line tells me:
'Warning: colorimage with more than one datasrc not supported for this backend
due to lack of support for images on raster files', and I end up with
black-and-white line drawings when I tried converting to PS and SVG.

What *almost* worked was when I used Ghostscript to convert the PDF back to
PostScript. The drawing (a shiny blank CD with a smooth, pastel mostly blue and
green shimmer) could be seen, but it was clipped by a rectangle that was a
little smaller than the CD, and the border around the CD was missing.

Besides finding someone with a copy of Adobe Illustrator who may be able to save
it as "Generic" PostScript, what else can I try to import the EPS in a vector

System: Windows XP SP2, Scribus, Ghostscript 8.57, GsView 4.8.

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