[Scribus] Scribus 1.3.4 in Ubuntu amd64 repositories

John Jason Jordan johnxj
Sun Aug 5 05:35:13 CEST 2007

Update Manager announced that 1.3.4 was available, so I upgraded my

It looks very nice, and I'm sure I'll love it. However, it messed up a
book cover that I had almost finished. That is, I didn't save it, so
the last work that was done in is still on disk. If I do save
it in 1.3.4 I'll give it another name.

The cover looks exactly as before, except one text box is completely
trashed, and I can't fix it. The text is set to 24 points and the
leading to 30, via a style. Upon opening the document the leading is
too much, and 2/3 of the text is missing from the frame. I thought the
text might be missing because the leading was off, so I went into story
editor and changed the leading to 28 points. When I applied the change
the lines text became stacked halfway on top of each other. Then I went
back in and changed the leading back to 30 points, but the display does
not change. It appears there is a serious problem interpreting styles
in documents created in earlier versions. Is there an easy way to fix
the document?

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