[Scribus] Book length projects.

John R. Culleton john
Fri Apr 27 14:46:43 CEST 2007

On Friday 27 April 2007 04:53, Craig Bradney wrote:
> > > Justification has been improved in 1.3.4cvs. I agree, before
> > > that it
> looked
> > > awful.
> >
> > Nice to hear that. I understand 1.3.4 is a development branch,
> > and users are usually discouraged to use it for major projects.
> > My question is: if I have no deadlines in the near future and I
> > can live with minor glitches or headaches and take some
> > precautions (like having to patch the program from time to time,
> > putting my sla files under revision control), is it ok to use
> > this branch for real work? Are there any plans to introduce major
> > changes to the file format or anything that breaks forward
> > compatibility of the sla files?
> There is no reason you cannot use 1.3.4 however you have to accept
> the consequences. It has a LOT of changes.. really.. a huge number!
> It is better in sooo many ways over 1.3.3.x, however, when you use
> it, you are a tester, so you need to be sure that if you go to
> print with things from it, you need to be sure you get proofs
> before printing a big run of documents.
> Craig

I am takng the plunge. With respect to the specific features relating 
to text handling, where is the best source for infomation? The 
manual? A Wiki article? 

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