[Scribus] Shortwords

Petr Vaněk petr
Thu Apr 26 08:16:31 CEST 2007

On st 25. dubna 2007, Owen wrote:
> > Why are both systems exclusive? My problem with the current solution is
> > that it works silently in the background.
> > A solution that replaces (or helps replacing) breaking spaces and
> > shortwords with the appropriate non-breaking space would give more
> > control to the user. This would also keep the spaces when exported to
> > other media.
> Czech, Polish, and Slovak topographies have mandatory rules on non breaking
> spaces. (The module was created by a Czeck contributor IIRC). These rules
> are probably not so strict in other languages.
> The module is easily hackable, though you need the source, and build from
> source to implement a revised shortwords plugin.

I'm planning to rewrite ShortW after 1.3.4 release. See:

I'm open to all suggestions or patches ;)
Yes, I study this thread to include some clever oppinions in it.


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