[Scribus] Printing multiple page documents

Nigel Ridley nigel
Tue Apr 17 15:43:38 CEST 2007

I have read all the 'Howto's' and the 'Getting Started' article on the Scribus 
wiki but am still somewhat in the dark concerning printing finished multiple page 

I understand that Scribus automatically assigns page numbers (as per the 'Getting 
Started' article) but obviously there is a difference if I print the finished pdf 
on my home printer or if I give it to a printing house (where they print several 
pages on a large sheet of paper, then guillotine it after folding).

How do I set up Scribus to print a 20 page small booklet (A4 paper but A5 page 
size) so that I can print it on my home printer and have, for example, page #6 on 
the same (opposite side) piece of A4 paper as page #15 with pages #5 and #16 on 
the 'back' (double side printing)?
Is that clear?



OliveRoot Ministries


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