[Scribus] Printing multiple page documents

Rolf-Werner Eilert eilert-sprachen
Tue Apr 17 16:07:45 CEST 2007

Hi Nigel,

> How do I set up Scribus to print a 20 page small booklet (A4 paper but A5 page 
> size) so that I can print it on my home printer and have, for example, page #6 on 
> the same (opposite side) piece of A4 paper as page #15 with pages #5 and #16 on 
> the 'back' (double side printing)?
> Is that clear?
> Blessings,
> Nigel

Is it on Linux? I use ghostscript functions for it on my Linux system 
(don't know if it works the same on a Windows ghostscript). Scribus 
doesn't support this by itself (not yet).

In my case, it's A4 pages on A3 paper. The documents just have ordinary 
A4 pages all in a row. To avoid any printing problems, I have the 
document made to a PDF first and then use Adobe Reader to print a 
postscript file from it. This postscript file (let's call it test.ps) 
will then be made up.

First step: sort pages

psbook test.ps test2.ps

This will sort all pages so they appear at the right positions when 
printed 2-sided.

Second step: make A4 (portrait) pages fit to A3 paper (landscape)

psnup -2 -Pa4 -pa3 print2.ps print3.ps

Now with kprinter, I send this to my printer, setting it to A3 
portrait(!) and duplexed over the smaller edge.

I think this should run in your case, too. Just read the man pages for 
psnup and psbook.

Hope it helps!


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