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> Hi Andreas,
> Are you against top posting because you don't like it or is it because
> this  mail group has a rule against top posting?  I ask this question

It's not this group in particular. Most technical mailing lists use bottom 
posting plus inline comments. This is the right thing to do for technical 
discussions going though multiple users who add their inputs at any point.

Top posting is only reasonable for formal emails or those of little 
complexity. The fact the top posting forces every issue under discussion to 
be reintroduced for the sake of context, makes it much more likely that 
inaccurate/incomplete answers will appear.

Top posting is very usual among Outlook users, because with Outlook it takes 
extra effort to bottom post correctly, when possible at all. From the 
Wikipedia article as of today:

"this is caused by a bug present on most flavours of Microsoft Outlook where 
the quotation symbols are lost when replying in plain text to a message that 
was originaly sent in HTML/RTF, along with the fact the on the default 
Microsoft Outlook setup no quotation symbols are generated at all - this 
makes it very hard to distinguish between new and quoted text"

Kmail on the other hand is excellent. It highlights the text based on the 
number of preceding quotation symbols (quotation level), making the old 
habbit of Outlook users of manually painting their text with a different 
color, a very funny one :-)

I hope I was clear on this explanation.

Best regards

> because  Wikipedia doesn't say top posting is bad E-Mail etiquette.
> See  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top-posting

> Howard
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