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Nicholas Vettese nvettese
Thu Apr 5 21:29:38 CEST 2007

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> Howard R. Hansen wrote:
>> I ask this question 
>> because  Wikipedia doesn't say top posting is bad E-Mail etiquette.  
>> See  http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Top-posting
What it does say in essence is that top-posting is a convenience for
Outlook and Blackberry users, and that's just about it.
One might consider the Scribus list as more than emails bouncing back
and forth, but rather trying to be a source of information for users,
supplementing the main Scribus site and the Wiki.
If adding information at the top made sense for those trying to get
information, then perhaps Wikipedia should just be addended by adding
information at the top of each article rather than in a more appropriate
I would also add that inline posting is certainly advocated, when it
makes sense to the flow of reading.

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Isn't Wikipedia edited by people who share their knowledge and opinions?  If
so, quoting Wikipedia wouldn't mean anything to a person who doesn't share
their beliefs.

I am not saying which is right or wrong, but I do not feel we should also
follow someone's opinion as if it were law either.  I have learned to bottom
post out of respect for the group.  I consider it neither right, nor wrong,
but a sign of respect.


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