[Scribus] How to pay for OSS development -- was: Freedom Yugtutorial

Craig Ringer craig
Fri Sep 29 20:24:43 CEST 2006

Eddie Johnson Jr wrote:
> Earlier this week I was trying to open a widows created eps file in scribus and was asked to upload a Quark 4file to Mantis.

If you refer to my message, I thought I only asked to upload "the 
problem file". I could be mistaken, or have unwittingly written the 
wrong thing. I _meant_ the file you're directly trying to import into 
Scribus, in this case the EPS you're having problems with and the PSD 
you created from it.

> I still cannot open import a windows graphic file into Scribus.

Yep... and we're at a bit of an impasse without further information to 
continue the investigation of what could be going wrong. Uploading the 
problem file might help get things going again.

Craig Ringer

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