[Scribus] How to pay for OSS development -- was: Freedom Yugtutorial

Eddie Johnson Jr ilo
Fri Sep 29 20:09:53 CEST 2006

Earlier this week I was trying to open a widows created eps file in scribus and was asked to upload a Quark 4file to Mantis.  I still cannot open import a windows graphic file into Scribus.
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BandiPat-2 wrote:
> Why do you guys always break down criticism into emotional responses? 

Pat, I think you're on the wrong way how you perceive this discussion.
I'll try to approach it from another way.

What's the reward for open source development? Recently there was a study
published which claimed that it's a) fun, b) challenge, c) positive feedback
from others. 
One way how OSS projects do *not* work is  "code what I want and you'll get
money". OSS projects always follow "I code what I want". Of course one tries
to coordinate with others and take suggestions, but in the end an OSS
developer will never do what he or she is not convinced of. They'd rather
resign or branch.

You get the result of OSS development for free (as in beer). You don't have
to pay money, because that's not the motivation for OSS development. The
only way for you to pay for OSS development is to give positive feedback.
That can also include criticism in the form of suggestions how to improve
the product. But it should never include any statement which can be
interpreted as "you develop the wrong product". In my opinion, arguing with
OSS developers that they are developing the wrong product, is effectively
stealing from them. If you don't like it, you can ignore it or produce
something better yourself, but never tell them "Hey stupid, this is the way
you should have done it."

In my view, the responses to your post have not always been helpful, but
totally understandable. And even if you claim you do not want to be rude,
some of your comments *are* offensive. Maybe you should pay more attention
on how your language is interpreted by others.

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