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Tony Sperling tony.sperling
Wed Sep 27 01:58:17 CEST 2006


I probably shouldn't be commenting on this, but I am in the habbit of
printing PDF technical manuals as booklets on my HP PSC 2355. I have never
tried producing anything like a newsletter my self, but if I were up to
that, my first instinct would be to lay-out an ordinary multi-page
document - making all the definitions in scribus - import the text and any
images from somewhere else - convert it all to PDF, and simply send it to
the printer, configuring it for a 'Booklet job'. The HP Windows printer
driver should handle that with ease. You could even have it do the
portrait/landscape rotation for you, or do vertical/horizontal bindings
either left or right side. I do not think that it would be at all helpful to
try and set up Scribus to handle the page following for folding/cutting, as
you describe.

If your real trouble is that your driver doesn't support 'Print-to -File'
(mine does!), I would put it to HP tech-support to come up with a solution.
Otherwise, print you creation to file as it is and then print it the way you
wish it to be???

Tony. . .

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> I've been exploring the use of Scribus to set up an 8-page
> newsletter, and finding it difficult. I currently use my ancient Corel
> Ventura v8, and it can be done as follows:
> set up a virtual printer, HP LAserJet 5200 PS
> set up the pages in Ventura
> select file, print, and select the above printer
> select "layout" (in the options offered), signature layout as
> "booklet", 1 signature per sheet
> check "print to file" and select name and path
> select save as PS file
> Using the PS file saved, convert to PDF with Ghostcript, and it all
> works well.
> In Scribus, the same printer offers no option to print to file nor any
> layout options as above. I've reviewed the archives re "booklet"
> printing here, and in the extended discussion in Feb this year there
> were some workarounds for this problem but none appeared suitable for
> Windows XP. Hence it is not possible to use Scribus to prepare a
> newsletter: strange for a modern DTP program. Does Scribus use its own
> printer drivers, as the options are not the same as under Ventura?
> What am I missing here? Any suggestions appreciated.
> Herb
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