[Scribus] Converting graphics to CMYK with free software tools

Smith, Herb herb.smith
Fri Sep 22 16:06:07 CEST 2006

Take a look at XaraXtreme:  http://www.xaraxtreme.org/

This is the link to the Linux(free, open-source) version.  It is not
fully functional at this point but may do what you want.  The Windows
version is only $79, so it's not prohibitive if you are using windoze.
XaraXtreme fully supports cmyk colors, but the Linux version does not
yet print the color separations.  If you just want graphics in cmyk, it
should do the trick.


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> Axel Bojer skrev:
> > I just tried to find several free software graphic programs 
> that are 
> > able to save images as cmyk
> This is the holy grail you are looking for here. So don't 
> expect it to be easy. But I have had best experience with 
> gimp faking. Krita sadly seem just too unstable to be usable.
> But I would be very interested in knowing other peoples take on this.
> So don't take my answer as the be all and end all of your question.
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